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Election edition 2019
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Local Conservatives keeping Priestwood and
Garth a great place to live.

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So Many Reasons to Vote Conservative


The Lexicon is about to get even better as work starts soon on The Deck and Princess Square


All our libraries have been retained and improved. No essential services have been cut.


Lots of high quality leisure facilities, fantastic parks and open spaces provided by Borough and Town Councils


The urgent care centre continues to provide a vital service to the whole community.

Council Office

The old council offices are to become a small business development centre offering jobs for local people

A great place to live, work and play.
21 years since the formation of Bracknell Forest as a Borough Council.

Willwood Road
Graham Birch and Jennie Green at the site of recent approved parking scheme in Windmill Road and Wilwood Road.
WWI Remembrance
Your Conservative led councils organise lots of community focused events like last years WW1 remembrance celebration, as well as the popular Jocks Lane events.
Tree 21 years of

Local Conservatives have delivered a lot for Priestwood and Garth.

Key facts and myth busting

The Borough Council has helped a lot of people into their own home with innovative home buy schemes. Over the last 10 years the council has exceeded the affordable housing delivery percentage, the average delivery has been 27% against a 25% policy. They have also helped lots of people avoid being made homeless. The Borough Council created a special company to provide accommodation locally for homeless people and those with learning disabilities. Very few people are housed in B&B outside the Borough.
Schools are funded by the government, not the council. The money for schools is passed to all schools according to a formula over which the council has no control. Bracknell Forest Council gave an additional 1m for local schools to assist them.
The Borough Council is investing in our future in two ways. By investing in key assets like new schools, new road improvements, new climate friendly street lighting, as well as Coral Reef and of course our libraries. Secondly, to compensate for loss of government funding the council is also engaged in commercial investment which means they are investing money in assets outside the borough that give a good return to help keep our vital services running. This strategy will raise 3m this year. They have looked at assets in Bracknell but to date none have shown the strong rate of return required.

Garth Hill College

In response to concerns for pupil and resident safety in Bull Lane outside Garth Hill college Cllr Graham Birch chaired a meeting between Garth Hill College, Council Officers and the local Police. The meeting produced several actions including a 20mph limit during school times which will be displayed via a flashing sign on entry to Bull Lane, the addition of a no loading/unloading parking restriction and signs advising drivers not to park and drop off by the college gates. The agreement with the college is that Albert Road Car Park can be used free of charge for dropping off school children. In 2019 it was agreed to put bollards in to prevent cars mounting kerbs which are blocking the view of pedestrians. These will be installed very soon. We will continue to focus on road safety particularly outside all local schools.

Road to Garth Hill
Bluebells Investing in you

There is another form of investment that both your high performing Conservative led councils are exceptional at and that is community investment. Lots of parks and open spaces, community focused events and investment in preventing ill health means we are one of the healthiest places in the country. By investing in keeping residents healthy this makes us attractive to companies who want to come here and invest in our communities.

Carbon footprint reduction~
Bracknell Town Council has committed to reducing its carbon footprint and associated air pollution. So far the Council has begun to switch to renewable energy tariffs as well as adopting electric strimmers, blowers and hedge trimmers. These measures will lead to a reduction in the Council's carbon footprint of 60% by 2021. Further projects are in the pipeline which will reduce this even further thanks to your Conservative Councillors.

Carbon footprint

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